01 March 2007

Fun at the Library of Congress Website

Library of Congress Archives are really fun. I typed African American Woman in the search field, and got a ton of photos. I was originally looking for pictures for Steal Away Jordan, but got sidetracked by the 1900 photos and started imagining what Mary from our current game looked like. (Also wrote about her here) I picked one. Can you guess which one? Here are the potential Marys. I've added more choices, maybe I changed my mind. (I kept the old numbers the same)
Feel free to tell me your choice, and stay tuned for the answer.

Have some fun for yourself at our nation's library


lumpley said...

My choice is #6.

Bea (Parthenia's Daughter) said...

I pick number six or number one.
[I just asked Bea who was her favorite without telling her anything about the game--P.]

Vincent Baker said...

It's not six, huh? I'm with Bea then, is it number one?

Parthenia said...

I might not tell until after our next game.
I'm curious why people pick the one they pick. So Vincent, why'd you pick six and one? Bea said she liked six because she was very pretty. Number 1 was her favorite because of the clothes, and she was the most beautiful.

There were about 100-150 photographs from the same era, and probably from the same photographer (maybe same collection), all of black women of different ages, shades and sizes. It was hard to narrow it down to 9 pictures, especially since I was at work! So, I'll give a little hint as to why I liked each photo, and why it might not be her, without giving away the one I picked (I hope).
1--The clothes. She looks like a stage performer, but I think she's almost too beautiful, and a tad on the older side.

2--Right clothes for every day, right age, but she's not looking at the camera.

3--She looks a little bit sad, which I like, looks really young, but the clothes. Not sure about the clothes.

4--I could be related to this woman. Not sure if that's a good or a bad. Right age, she has very intense eyes, and the kinda sorta smile works, but that ruffle is reallydistracting.

5--Either #4 and #5 are the same person or they're related. Her dress looks like a wedding dress, and Mary is not the marrying kind.

6--I liked #6 because yes, Vincent, her face is in shadow. I like her coat, she looks the right age. But there's something shy about her eyes.

7--Clothes are a yes, beautiful eyes. She's almost too striking.

8, and 9--Not the same person, but same comments. Awesome hat, the expression works. Everything about her works, but I think I see someone related to Mary, buy maybe not Mary.

I'm in a slack off mood today. I might go look for more!

Parthenia said...

Oooo! I just went back and looked at the bibliopgraphical information on the whole collection of photos. It was compiled by WEB DuBois, and according to the bib. rec. they're part of "Du Bois albums of photographs of African Americans in Georgia exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900". And the women are probably all from Georgia.
If anyone is interested, the photos of just the women starts on page 4, and here is the link to the list. I see a few other potential Mary's but I'm going to stick with the one I picked.

I love old photographs!

Vincent Baker said...

Maybe six and one are the two who look most like you?

Parthenia said...

That's very nice of you to say, because I thought #1 was the most beautiful.
Number 1 does remind me of my mom's people. Actually she reminds me a lot of my mom. 6 reminds me of a cousin on my dad's side. But I think half of them look a little like me in some way. I think 1 is too beautiful, and I don't imagine Mary as a great beauty. But maybe I did pick her. Maybe not.

This is fun! I should've added more photos. I wish more people would pick, though. Vincent, you're going to end up guessing who it is, and I'll have to tell. Maybe I'll just tell you in person. Where's Joshua? He always replies to my corny blog.

Parthenia said...

There's another comment that relates to the Mary photos in the next "Back on the Horse" post.

joshua said...

OK! I finally have a minute to vote.

I think #7. That intensity, coupled with a little bit of otherworldliness means that she could murder and be mistaken for someone else.

10 sure looks sad.

Parthenia said...

Now that I have 16 choices and more than one person guessing:
She's not 6, 1, 7, or 10. Keep guessing.

Parthenia said...

Mary was #4.