04 March 2007

I Could Have Said The Dog Ate My Homework

I need one more day before the draft rules of Steal Away Jordan will be ready to email to the nice folks who asked for one. But it's not becuase I haven't been working on it. I just need to type up the stuff I've worked on all weekend. I actually have working rules! Well, they work hypothetically. I incorporated everything I had [maggot] brainstormed. Unfortunately, forces beyond my control prevented me from actually typing any of it into an electronic document. But I was really productive, just in the old school, computerless way.

Friday, instead of going to Drum and Dance as originally planned, I was to go grocery shopping and then to either Cafe Koko or Lady Killegrew/Montague Book Mill and geek out with my laptop, some tea, and a pastry. Well, Primo came home from the gym late (why he needed to go to the gym for 2 1/2 hours when he planned to go snowboarding all day on Saturday is beyond me, and to comtemplate it any further will just make me sound like a bitchy wife.). So I could only go to Cafe Koko. So off I went, laptop on my back, Smashing Pumpkins blaring in my ears. At least I had the good sense to wear hiking boots. The sidewalks were crazy slick, and the roads were just as icy. Halfway down my street, I lost my balance and fell hard on my ass. I had to crawl to less slippery ground. I got up and kept walking, even though I felt like I had broken my butt. Ouch.

So I get to the cafe, and there's a live band. Great. Now when I was in college, I indulged in my vice to a much higher degree and listened to music all the time while I studied and wrote papers. I was a Religion major. It kinda worked. So I figured, no big deal, I can write game rules while a little "different" (as we used to call it) and there's music--loud music playing. And my back still hurt from the fall. Well, it would have been easier if a good band was playing, but they sucked. I stayed anyway. I didn't want to walk home just yet. So I pulled out my laptop and turned it on...and nothing happened. I figured I needed to plug it in. Well, that would be easy to do if there was an empty seat near an outlet. Fine, whatever, I like to write stuff out longhand anyway. I wrote a few pages on the role of the Rootdoctor/Conjurer, and jotted notes on slvery and religion. But I wished God would show up and replace the bad funk bad with, say, Funkadelic circa 1975, so I could hear "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts" live. But She didn't. I went home at 10:30 and didn't fall once. When I got home I discovered that the laptop had actually booted up. That was strange.

Saturday I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and had people over for stuffed squid, simmered daikon, mochi, and pizza. I broke out the latest batch of kombucha. I accidentally didn't add as much sugar this time, and it was much fizzier and tangier than usual. Of the people who tried it, I like it, Ingrid likes it, Vincent said he liked it, Joshua defiled it by adding sugar and then he said he liked it, Bea said she liked it, but she didn't want more than a swallow. I don't know if anyone else tried it. The dog took a dump on the rug as people showed up. I poured myself a second glass of wine and took him for a walk. (I had the first while I cooked.) I had a third drink (some tasty beer) just before we watched The Illustrated Man. I didn't make to the end. I fell asleep sometime after Primo came home from snowboarding and before Emily left. Bad hostess! This is why I don't drink very often. Or maybe I fell asleep so quickly because I don't drink very often. Either way, no work all day on game, but time spent cleaning the house, running errands, enjoying the company of friends, and drinking more than I have since my wedding anniversary in November.

Today, Sunday, we went to my in-laws, and I brought my laptop. But I forgot the cord, and the laptop only had about 10 minutes of power-time. So again, I worked for a couple of hours and wrote in my cutie pie kitty cat notebook. I finished tweaking the rules and worked out some things that I can ask my mom about when she comes to visit. And now I've spent an hour typing an explanation for why I don't have the rules ready to give to all the nice people who asked, and it's time to go fold laundry.

Tomorrow evening, really and truly!

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