13 March 2007

Playtest Me!

**Playtesting is over! Buy a copy!**

Last night I put the finishing touches on the rules draft of Steal Away Jordan. You can download the .pdf and the ugly character sheet here, on the condition that you playtest it and send me constructive feedback.

I've been going back and forth on the name. It's supposed to be the title of a spiritual, but it's actually the combined titles of two spirituals: "Get Away Jordan" and "Steal Away to Jesus." Jordan refers to the Ohio River. Cross over Jordan and you're in free territory. "Steal Away Jordan" just sounds good, though, and who's to say there isn't a song by that name?

Thanks in advance to all those nice playtesters who send constructive feedback.
Please leave a comment here if you download something.

The first playtest report!
The characters of the first playtest!


Chad said...

SAJ draft character sheet zip file is corrupted. After downloading, I received an error message whe I tried opening it.

Parthenia said...

Oh crap. Lemme try to fix it. Damn! Sorry about that. If all else fails, I can email it to you.

Parthenia said...

Okay I added a word version of the character sheet, and replaced the pdf with a freshly distilled version. Hope that works. If all else fails, please email me a luckylamb [at] mac [dot] com and I'll fix you up.