23 March 2007

First playtest of the new rules

Wow. I'm a sucky GM, but I think I can learn.

Let's focus on the real stuff though. First session went well. Nearly everything I loved about what I wrote totally worked. I think it's interesting that all the PC's are male. I wasn't expecting that, but this morning in the shower I figured out something diabolically horrible that would work with that, and I'm excited to put my friends' characters through some torture. Clearly I need to turn up the bad.

So here's a run down of the characters. Here's the playtest report, so I'm just teasing you here. Go to the Forge and see what happened to the characters.

Cupit (Emily) a 22 year old male field slave, born in Florida. His Attributes: Nimble hands, friends who escaped in Florida, can run far and long, doesn't act seriously about anything, and is handsome. I'm going to skip the Motivations for now, so I don't cheat and look at their tasks and goals!
Friends: Ginny, who works in the house and is pregnant. May or may not be his child; Crissy.
Enemy: Martial
Worth: 12d6 (unskilled young man)

Martial (Joshua), 29 year old blacksmith (slave), born in West Africa. Attributes: Proud, has a bunch of tools, can read Arabic and French, is good looking, and "I'll own my own slaves".
Friends: Ginny (same as Cupit), Ephraim, the late Master's 10 yo son.
Enemy: William Jackson, the overseer.
Worth: 14d6 (skilled--blacksmith, young man young man)

Kato (Vincent), 17 years old, field slave, born on the Strong Plantation. Attributes: "I've got 2 thumbs and 5 fingers", "I'm tall, kinda knobby", "I'm a really steady worker", "I'm good with horses and dogs".
Friends/relations: Older brother Ned; the cook, Anne.
Enemies: Tom, William Jackson
Worth 10d6 (unskilled young man, missing fingers, minus 2d6 for his disability)

Tom (Meg),27, field slave. Born in Georgia. Attributes: Strong back, steady worker. Excellent memory & a good voice for stories, songs, news. Friendly and easy going. Children somehere?
Friends: Jonah, older field hand, Lucy, a cousin and housemaid
Enemy: Sterling, Lucy's suitor, Crissy's brother.
Worth: 12d6 (unskilled young man)

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