18 March 2007

Yeah, so, about those crocuses....

...buried under a foot of snow.

Saturday Chris (so sick of calling him Primo. Who doesn't know my husband's name is Chris? And who really cares?) and I went to see 300. It was entertaining enough, but first I must tell about the really cool thing about the movie. Tag team movie going! Meg and Vincent went to the movies first while we watched their kids, then we went to the movies while they watched our kids. My wish for having cool neighbors is coming true double fold.

So I liked the movie. It was like watching a comic book. And visually oriented person that I am, I didn't care that the dialogue sucked. It was a fun and fluffy movie. Here are the fun and fluffy things I liked about it.
The Casting Call
Buff, beefy, and beautiful need only apply. But I was put off by the fact that all those buff and beefy men had absolutely no chest hair, yet the most lush beards this side of Grizzly Adams. We're talking the Mediterranean, right? Whatever. There's a day spa out there with a really handsome chest waxing clientele.

Incredible Cinematography
It was like watching a comic book come to life. Which I guess it was.

Didn't take itself too seriously
At times I couldn't get past Xerxes stupid cheek piercings, and this movie will not win any awards for wardrobes (all those buff men in stupid looking loincloth/underwear were infernally distracting), but I don't think was its purpose. It was meant to be a movie with lots of near naked men running with spears, yelling and sweating like a deodorant commercial. It should have been called 300: Eye Candy and Violence.

All the women were beautiful
Equal opportunity hotties.

Kill Your Rapist
This wasn't really cool, but the one woman who had actual lines got to stab the man who raped her. It reminded me of a provocative tattoo I once saw of two pistols on either side of the woman's lower abdomen, and the words "Kill Your Rapist". Not something I would get, but a memorable and well done tattoo. I wish I could find a picture.
Here it is!

Faramir, Brother of Boromir
David Wenham, liberated from his ugly Two Towers/Return of the King wig, sigh. Sean Bean, who?

It was an entertaining movie. I still would have liked to have seen The Last King of Scotland, but Primo/Chris paid for everything. Maybe next week, since we saved money from not having a babysitter and from going to the matinee.


joshua said...

I've been ambivalent about this movie. I mean, I love comics and I love historical fiction, but Frank Miller is a one trick pony and this is about as historical as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Parthenia said...

I wasn't expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was more of a fantastical fable and so the fact that there was very little historical truth to it didn't matter.

It's a comic book after all.