27 February 2007

Double Bummer

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From: Parthenia Ellingsgard
To: info@scandiafood.com
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 9:46 AM
Subject: I can't find what I'm looking for

I am trying to find blodpudding. Do you carry it in the Norwalk store? Is it possible to get in this country?

Thanks for your help!
Parthenia Ellingsgard

And their response:
>I am sorry, but we don't have blodpudding and all meat products are banned to be >imported to this country. I miss it too!!!
>Best Regards,
>Scandia Food & Gifts, Inc.
>30 High Street
>Norwalk, CT 06851
>Ph: (203) 838-2087
>Fax: (203) 838-1831

And now for the second bummer:
When I picked Bea up from school today, she looked really sad. I was a little late and she had to wait in the office, but when that happens she just looks mildly peeved. This was different. When I asked her what was the matter this is what she told me (names have been changed): "Today we had a field trip."
Me: Oh cool! Where'd you go?
Bea: To the Food Bank. [Gets a little excited] It's this place where you can get free food, but it's really for people who don't have any food. It was actually kind of boring.
Me: And that made you sad?
Bea [back to sad mode]: No. Katie told me she's not going to be my friend for a while, because she's going to be Cassie's friend.
Me: But you're friends with Cassie, too. Why can't you all be friends?
Bea: That's what I tried to tell her, but Cassie was being really, really rude to me. Then Katie said she wasn't going to be my friend for a whole month.
Me: I'm sure they'll both come around, and they didn't really mean it. Give it a few days and you'll all be friends again.

Then I thought to myself, nice going Psychic Mama. Never profess to know the minds of seven year old girls, even if you've been one.

Me: You have so many other friends. If Katie and Cassie are in a mood, go enjoy your other friends some more.

My heart aches for Bea. She has her moods like we all do, but she is a loyal friend who rarely practices friend exclusivity under normal circumstances. (The last time I saw her do it, she was hungry, it was short lived, and we later talked about how unacceptable it was.) Primo tells me that boys don't do this type of thing. I don't believe him. I think boys do it differently and perhaps later. It doesn't matter, though. It's one of those things that mama and papa can't fix. We can give her the pep talk, a little perspective on things even, but tomorrow Bea has to go back to school and either try to win back her friends (if they haven't chilled yet), or deal with the friendship ban gracefully. I'm sure she'll do just fine.

I, on the other hand, ache for Bea, and am disappointed that blodpudding is banned.


joshua said...

While I'm sad for Bea and for the lack of blood pudding (which turns out to be really good), I think I agree with Primo, that boys don't do that particular badness.

Parthenia said...

So what do boys do? Physical badness? When I was in 4th grade Matt Menzel punched me in the stomach, and I was like WTF? I said something mean back to him. Why would I punch him? Why couldn't he say something mean? I think the issue was that I showed him a Garfield comic and he took it personally. Maybe he thought I was being a girl and playing with his head. So he punched me in the gut. Classy.

Bea told me this morning that she and Katie are friends again, but Cassie is still mad at her.