21 February 2007

Blodpudding, Lingon Sylt, Kombucha Chaser

...and new neighbors!

My mother in law brought over the last of her Swedish style blodpudding, which she gleefully fried up and served. I was to bring a few pieces over to Meg and Vincent's for a pre-game snack, but by the time I got home from having my eyebrows done there was only one slice left. We split it among 4 people: Vincent, Emily, Joshua (who almost missed it), and me. I don't quite understand it, but Meg didn't eat any at all. Something about being turned off by the name. Some people call it black pudding. How about that? Unless my mother in law (or I) can find an U.S. source for it, there will be no more blodpudding for the "Ellingsgards" for a while. Karin is going to ask some of her friends to bring her some next time they visit her. I've googled and googled to no avail. I found a source for a Scottish style, but honestly, I don't know the difference. Might be worth a try. I've alwasy been curious about haggis.

If there is anyone who lives in Sweden who reads this and would be willing to send me a few packages of blodpudding, please, I beg you, email me. I'll totally make it worth your while, even if you have no interest in kombucha.

I also brought my latest brew of kombucha to wash down the blodpudding. I thought making 1 1/2 gallons was a bit excessive, but between sharing with friend and family, all that kombucha disappears within 72 hours. I might have to buy more jars and just make more and more. I now have about 8 SCOBY's. I'll use two to make the weekly batch, and that leaves six more for the taking!

And what's this about new neighbors? Read here. Speaking as the chick across the street, I'm almost as happy as they are. How often do you say to a friend (paraphrased and embellished) "Hey why don't ya'll buy the house across the street?" and they say, "Sure thing!" It's like I got to pick my neighbors. I'm feeling like a lucky lamb.

EDIT: 2/22/07
Had to share some links.
Swedish Customs mentions blodpudding and natto!

Scottish Health Inspectors say "No!" to Human Blood Pudding

Getting closer to finding blood pudding. Gourmet Food Store sells Boudin Noir, French Blood Pudding.

Scandia Food in Norwalk, CT


InversionOfControl said...

Hello Parthenia,

I was wondering if you knew about any places in Norwalk, CT that sell 'Kombucha'. I am visiting the city and one of my relatives asked me to take some down to Mexico (from where I come from ;) ).

Thanks for your answer,


Parthenia said...

Sorry, I don't. I'm not remotely familiar with Norwalk. Have you tried the kombucha exchange list?

Cameron said...

There's actually a really easy recipe for making your own blodpudding. I am just wrapping up my year studying abroad in sweden and I fell in love with blodpudding (after reluctantly first trying it). The hardest ingredient to find is pigs blood which I assume your local butcher may have. here is a link.