13 February 2007

Kombucha Turned Me Into Wonder Woman

I love Kombucha, and apparently so does a large contingency of health minded folks around the world. It's always interesting to see how many cures and health claims people can come up with to encourage others to consume something freaky and weird. Now I'm not dismissing anyone's personal alternative health product, and I think there's always some validity to anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of a substance. I do get annoyed and bothered when people try to push snake oil on and take money from desperate and seriously ill people. Quacks put the odd and traditional remedies that actually work in a bad light, and make those who are convinced that all allopathic treatments are safe and effective.
Consider that if you have had a normal pregnancy and labor (and many more are normal than the Obstetic community will let on) giving birth at home has been proven to be just as safe, if not safer than giving birth in a hospital, where you are open to extra interventions and impatient medical personnel. But ask a woman who has given birth at home how many times she's been called "brave", like it's something dangerous and irresponsible. The brave ones are the ones that given birth in a place were up to 30% of all births are done by C-Section and the percentage of episiotomies hovers in the 90's. That's damn scary to me.
Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox.

So check out the claims of health benefits made for Kombucha. I just drink it because it tastes good. Ancedotally, it does help my nervous stomach, as does yogurt and kefir. But I can't do dairy very well, so kombucha it is.
I've always been fascinated with Colloidal Silver. Why on earth would anyone want to consume silver?.... But it's been around for almost 100 years.
Bad medicine is not limited to the alternative health realm. Remember the Swine Flu vaccines? I could go on and on, but maybe other people remember better ones.

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KombuchaCHIC said...

I love kombucha too! I think it helps me with energy, digestion and an overall feeling of well being! But I'm sure kombucha will affect everyone differently!mv