13 February 2007

Big Sister is Watching

Oh the joys of Sitemeter. I just discovered that my husband read my blog thoroughly. There's nothing here that I wouldn't tell him, even when I write about him, and I don't think of this blog as a personal diary. I have one of those, and I don't intend to broadcast it on the internet. The writing in my diary is much much worse than my writing here. At least I make an occasional attempt to fix typos and bad grammar on my blog.

So I'm a little wierded out by the fact that Primo/Chris might be reading this, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because he doesn't have a blog or a journal for me to read, so I don't know what he would think about enough to write and put it out on the internet for all to see. I feel a little exposed.

I know there's a core group of no more than 5 people who check this place regularly (because they told me, or because I can guess by their IP addresses), and I seem to get a fair amount of people reading from China. I don't know if it's the same people or person but I get at least one hit per day from China. Then there are the folks that get referred by one of or more of the regulars, or by links from other people's blogs, or random referrals by google searches or technorati, or because I email a friend and say, "here's my blog. I know it's corny, but there it is." But for the most part, this blog is a very low traffic site, and I kinda like that. I feel more comfortable talking about how attached I get to a rpg character or a sexually bizarre tattoo when I know only a handfull of people will ever read about it.

That said, all you anonymous people feel free to out yourselves and say hi, and welcome to my corny little blog. And to all the regulars, thanks for boosting my numbers.


Parthenia said...

Thank you, too, to the regulars who don't hold my corny blog against me!

joshua said...

How anonymous do I have to be to say hi?

Parthenia said...

You're so not anonymous. But I just noticed that you're not coming up in sitemeter as having visited. Have you gone stealth on me?

I should clarify that all visitors known and unknown to me are welcome and encouraged to say hello.