02 November 2006

Speaking of Collecting...

I noticed today that the little basket where I keep all my hair toys is getting a little crowded. It's not usually so bad, but I'm only missing two. So I took a little inventory. Now before I expose myself as having an excessive number of hair accessories, please note, I probably wear at least one a day, often two to four. With classic length (past the butt) dreads, I don't generally wear my hair completely down before 5 pm on weekdays. Otherwise, I get tangled in stuff, I slam my hair in the car door, I sit on it, it falls in the toilet, gets in my face, other people's faces, entangles children, may get caught in machinery, you get the picture. So here are the fancy little objects that make my hair easier to deal with.
In picture 1:
Top left--Plastic octopus clip.
Top Center and down--Brass Floog, then four vintage kanzashi. The top one might be ivory. I have another one that is like the bottom one, but has rectangular ends of tortoise shell. It's currently MIA.
Bottom row--large bird of paradise fork, titanium fork, large Ficcare.

In picture 2: Left to right-- Green hairstick. I have a purple matching one, but it's MIA; wooden stick, aka "Vampire Slayer stake"; stainless steel sticks; radish sticks from China; blown glass size 11 knitting needles with dichroic twirls on the ends (yes, knitting needles! You never know when a skein of bulky yarn will fall out of the sky, and you'll be forced to knit a hat. Best to be prepared.); two pair of chopsticks given to me by Meg (thanks, Meg!); big sturdy zebrawood sticks made for me by the woodworking guy from the Greenfield Farmers Market.

In picture 3: Top left to right--wooden hair slide, made by the same woman who made the green (and MIA purple) stick; three hair screws custom made for dreads by A very nice lady; the token pony tail holder, much like the ones you find all over the house mostly by husband and kids (I have a great big one in my locker at the Y. I'm not really a ponytail wearer. I like half up-dos, front ends pulled back, loaf-like buns); cool leather hair wrap given to me by Meg (thanks, Meg!).
Sometimes, certain other parents in the household leave the scissors in the hair toy basket. I can think of better places to put the scissors, but one must keep a sense of humor about these things.

Yes, that is a very dirty chair.

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