16 November 2006

But My Husband's Not on There!

I'm not sure how we got on the subject last night, but Meg told us about The Cleaning Hunk website. I just checked it out, but I'm at work, and it's making me laugh so hard I'm crying. So I'll have to delve deeper later.
But this site is flawed. Where's the husband who has scrubbed the toilet maybe 3 times in the nearly 11 years we've been together? I don't think I saw him work a toilet even when we were housemates--when he was really hunky. I mean he's handsome and attractive still, but we've had two children together, need I say more? We're not the hotties we were in our twenties, and I have cleaned many more toilets than he has. Suffice to say, it would be a greater turn on to watch my husband scrub the toilet than one of those pretty boys. I want to watch a real man clean!
Perhaps I'll change my mind after I really look at the website. The husband may not scrub toilets, but he does clean the kitty litter, take out the garbage, change diapers, and do the dishes. I don't see Cleaning Hunk scoopin' cat poo.

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