24 November 2006

I Been Good! I Been Bad!

On Thanksgiving Day I did not pig out, but I did eat much.

The day before Thanksgiving, I sat on my parents-in-laws' couch, and worked on Get Away Jordan for a solid hour or so. I made fantastic headway, and can happily say the rules are 90% complete. I will try to write an actual play account on The Forge on Saturday.

The day before we left for Thanksgiving dinner I took Jed for a walk and forgot my neighborly plastic bag. Jed ended up crapping in the yard of the neighbors who let their pit bulls loose all the time and inevitably find their way to our yard and crap in our yard. I did not feel much remorse.

The husband and I are about to check into a hotel near Salem, MA, sans nos enfantes, to celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary, and we plan to be very, very bad. Well, as bad a two married folks can be with each other.

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Parthenia said...

So the writing the playtest never happened. There's always this Saturday....