09 November 2006


The beginning of the week sucked all around. Suck crap at work, couldn't find my Cutie Pie Kitty Cat notebook with all the notes for my game, which I have to type up for JiffyCon on Saturday. The children were grumpy and annoying. (Please note: I adore my kids. I love them more than life itself. But let's be honest. They're human, I'm human, and we can't always get along, we aren't always sweethearts and love bugs. Sometimes our children are annoying human beings, just like we all can be.)
My cousin in Atlanta had a baby, that was fantastic, but apparently she was in a major car accident on the way to the hospital. (And people question why I am big advocate for homebirth whenever possible!) But she and baby arrived safe and sound. So the dark cloud looming over the beginning of the week wasn't so dark.
And then Wednesday came along with the big beautiful political shift. I never thought I'd find the silver lining to my dark clouds in the realm of politics.

We have a Brother for a Governor!
Rumsfeld falls on his sword!
Democrats return to rule the roost!

Now I can go back to being a paragon of optimism and positive thinking!

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