05 November 2006

The Japanese Demon Profile Test

I've always wanted to know my Japanese Demon profile, especially now that we're playing Sorcerer, and my character just happens to be a Japanese woman who bound a demon so she could have a baby. Anyway, I'm (Parthenia) really glad I'm just the ultimate doer of mischief and not something really terrible. Given that I seem to be suffering an acute bout of angry intestinal disturbances this evening (feels like there's a demon in my colon!), I'll take mischief over death and destruction.


You scored 16 in Malice and 27 in Chaos!

You are the Kitsune, or "Fox demon," the ultimate doer of mischief. Kitsune belong to a class of demons known as "Henge," or animal shape-shifters, along with the Tanuki, or badger-demon. They are uncanny creatures who are notorious as much for their malevolence as for their wild and unpredictable behavior; a fox demon may help a human, only to betray him in deepest consequence at a later date. Kitsune are known to frequently possess women or pose as humans, causing chaos and catastrophe where ever they go. They are mischievous creatures who take great pleasure in playing terrible tricks on unsuspecting mortals; however, this behavior indicates that they are more perversely playful and apathetic to human suffering than genuinely evil and desirous of harm.

Link: The Japanese Demon Profile Test written by Maharbal on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Parthenia said...

Looks like my malice increased...
My score on The Japanese Demon Profile Test:


(You scored 22 in Malice and 22 in Chaos!)

"The Obake-Yuurei is like a regular Yuurei, or ghost, except much more malevolent. Obake-Yuurei are the souls of those who died in great anger or heartache, and continue to wander the earth in search of someone, anyone, to avenge themselves upon.

Obake-Yuurei sometimes appear as pale, crying maidens sitting by some lonely and forsaken place; these demons, although evil, are no more than the products of their sadness. If one should happen upon an Obake-Yuurei, the best way to defend himself-- for, in the end, sad or not, Obake-Yuurei have only murder and vengeance in mind-- is to cut through the center of the Yuurei and remove the shard of corruption in the heart which stains the soul."