31 May 2003

So the Ram came down with SACOB--severe acute crafting obsession/compulsion. For Lamb's birthday party I decided to make a fish-shaped cake using 2 round cakes. First I struggled with the whole Betty Crocker vs. from scratch thing, and decided Betty was just fine for a gaggle of 2-4 year olds. I used the kind with the pink and blue swirls. I baked two 9" rounds. When they cooled I cut a 3 inch wedge out of one (for the mouth), cut a smaller wedge out of the other and then cut it in half. Then I was stumped. So Ram looked at it, did some more cutting and sculpting, and viola! We had a bulge-eyed goldfish cake with a fancy tail. I started icing it, and Ram asked, "can I do some?" In 5 minutes the project was out of my hands. Ram did the rest of the decorating, although he did let me put the fish shaped sprinkles. It came out wicked cute, and much more detailed than I had planned! My mother (Madame Ewe?) tooka digital photo of it, so I'll post pictures soon. We'll see how long SACOB lasts.

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