31 May 2003

Little Children Pray
So Lucky Little Lamb is learning about God and Jesus (and Muhammad, and the Buddha, and Vishnu, and Krishna....we're Christians and Unitarians, and I majored in Religion in college....) We rad some bible stories and talked about God. Who is God? What does God look like? Those kind of questions. Then we talked about praying. Talking to God. Asking God to show us how we can be better people. I tell her when she prays she can ask God to help her to be able to keep herself out of harm, or to watch over her friends and family, or to give a little peace to others who live in danger or sadness...And Lamb says, "I have an idea." But she has to whisper it. And what's her idea? "Maybe we could ask God to turn the light on."

We have a theologian in our midst.

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