12 May 2003

So here's what my Mother's Day was like:
In the morning we reminisced about my first Mother's Day, when I was 9 months preggo and ready to pop (which I did 2 weeks later), and Ram gave me a really cool knitting book. We went to Slyvester's or Jake's for a pancake breakfast. We're too broke this week to do that, but we'll go out next week.
So I laid in bed until my back started to hurt, snuggled with Ram and Lamb, and read (the dirtier) excerpts from Lady Chatterley's Lover. Talked to my mom. Ram went to Dunkin' Donuts and got us bagels and coffee and donuts. I read some of my favorite excerpts from Lady Chatterley's Lover to Ram, and we joked about Mellors' philosphies and my sad attempt to do the Yorkshire accent (gave up quickly). Then we continued our cleaning rampage, which we had begun the day before. I cleaned my drawers out and reorganized my clothes. I need some new clothes. Later that evening I did some homework and compared certain scenes in Lady Chatterley with the book. I fast forwarded the explicit scenes because Lucky Little Lamb was watching.
After Lamb went to sleep Ram and I watched more of the featurettes on the LOTR dvd. This time we watched some of the costume galleries. I was a little confused about why Boromir had chainmail only on his arms, over that nice silk mack daddy shirt. He's actually wearing a leather shirt with chainmail arms under the mack daddy shirt. I just don't get why he wore the chain mail through the whole movie, even when he was chillin' at Rivendell. I am revved up and inspired to do some mad crafting when my exam is over (on Thursday!) And we're going to have a clean house to boot.
After Ram went to bed I had a bad case of insomnia, so I stayed up, folded clothes, listened to music and tried to de-stimulate. John Thomas probably would have spent some quality time with Lady Jane had I gone to bed, but I my mind was in overdrive. I went to bed really late--like 4 am. At least I got some work done. And that was my Mother's Day. Meloow and low key, and too much bad food. We unplugged the oven to use the clothes dryer, so I couldn't cook. Bummer!

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