02 May 2003

The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers Official Movie Site
I saw The Osbornes for the first time a couple of weeks ago. As my friend Becka put it, it's interesting to watch the family process. How many nursing dianoses can one think of in just one episode? Then I go to thinking about other movies. What kind of nursing dianoses can one come up with for any given character in LOTR? This could be more fun than the Sean Bean Drinking Game I've been working on. So let's start with Boromir, my favorite character...

Anxiety, related to actual or perceived threat to self-concept secondary to ethical dilemma (to take the ring or not).
Outcome: The patient will describe his own anxiety and coping patterns. (Which he kinda did with Aragorn on several occasions)
The patient will use effective coping mechanisms. Which he didn't when he tried to take the ring.
Interventions: Assess level of anxiety, provide reassurance and comfort.
Remove excess stimulation, limit contact with others. Well, that could be a little difficult. Get rid of the ring.
Assist person with anger. I think this is the key intervention.
Powerlessness, related to personal characteristics that highly value control.
[defining characteristic: overt/covert expressions of dissatisfaction about inability to control situation that is negatively affecting outlook, goals, and lifestyle. Ooooh, good one! ]
Pain, acute related to arrow wound.
If they'd been able to bring him to the ED of the local hospital and perhaps helped him...
Outcome: The patient will relate relief after a satisfactory relief, blah blah blah...
Get this man some morphine, and suture him up.

And of course there's Impaired skin integrity, related to arrow wound.
Risk of infection related to open wound.
Fluid volume deficit related to blood loss.

This could be more fun than the Sean Bean Drinking Game, and certainly more educational! Yes, folks, I'm a great big geek.

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