22 May 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean I am so looking forward to this movie. Better yet, I'm looking forward to seeing it at local drive-in. The drive-in is a blessing. We can all go out together, and Little Lamb is usually asleep by the time the (usually more adult) second feature starts. There's a playground, really good drive-in food, more fun than you can shake a stick at!

I've passed the climax of post semester. I don't have any homework, or studying or preparation for something. I just don't know what to do with myself. I actually went to a cafe and had breakfast and read a book twice this week, and got to work on time. And all I'm doing at work is filing and checking files and alphabetizing, and organizing and registering and listening to music--what else? oh yeah--and socializing. I have so much work to do at work and it's easy and I can day dream while I do it, and still get stuff done. I've been quite productive. I feel like a little office squirrel. All for $13+/hour plus 403(b), generous benefits, paid vacation (4 weeks/year, plus 4 personal days, holidays, and more sick time than I can shake a stick at. I love my job, my co-workers are all nice, my supervisor is cool, folks order Japanese food for lunch on a weekly and we all chat and eat together on a weekly basis. And it's only 17.5 hours a week. I love my job.

I think this weekend I'm going to find some wood and cut circles to fit in the bull's horns. So project #1 will be Gemshorns! woo hoo!

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