09 May 2003

International Association of Forensic Nurses Parthenia's career choice de la semaine: Forensic Nursing. Actually it's one of those lingering career ideas. It ties in well with the whole Women's Health Nurse Practicioner thing. And there's even a Forensic Nursing program in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Place where Ram and I would like to live--of the week). So the idea would be to work a year, get SANE certified (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), and go to grad school at Fitchburg State, which has the closest Forensic Nursing program. Why forensic nursing? I loved Quincy when I was little. It's multidisciplinary, sounds exciting, helps people in a variety of settings, I'd get some ER experience (last week's career path). I could also do prison nursing, examine suicide, murder, sexual assault, physical abuse.
Well, we're off to the playground.

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