04 May 2003

May I make a quick vent and say that writing nursing care plans is one of the most painful, tedious activities I can think of and I love to write? (Obviously I love to write, I'm writing about my blissfully mundane life on-line, for all to read, yet it's doubtful anyone reads, and I still don't care.)
Okay. I vented. I feel better. I'd rather write a mock nursing care plan on a fictional character (see previous post) than about someone I actually took care of.

Went to the Higgins Faire at the Higgins Armory Museum - Worcester, MA I went in my lovely Italian Renaissance working woman's dress. Ram and Little Lamb wore modern clothes. I was one of maybe 5 or 10 people in garb who were *not* part of staff, and many of the staff were not in garb. After my initial horror and humiliation I held my head high and had fun. I love wearing that dress. I'd wear it to work if I wasn't afraid I'd rip it on my chair.

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