25 April 2007

My Stone (loving) Baby

I once mentioned how Ingrid likes to carry around a little buddha garden ornament. Well she's branched out. Her new love is a cast iron piggy bank. It probably weighs about 10 pounds, she can barely manage it. Even still, she sets it on the table while she eats, she carries around, and she snuggles it when she goes to sleep. She is drawn to hard, cold, heavy objects. She likes figurines of glass and porcelain so much that I have to hide some of my favorites from her. I have this beautiful colorful clay Krishna statue that was a gift from someone I loved deeply, but at a bad time in our lives (I won't ever write about it here, so just leave it at that). The Krishna has lots of sentimental value and I can't bring myself to pack it away or Freecycle it. I thought about giving it to Ingrid, but when I took it off the shelf to hand it to her, I couldn't. It's got baggage that I'm not ready to unload. I guess I like cold, hard, heavy things, too, sometimes.

On a cuter and funnier note, I caught a spider in the bathroom this morning and put it in a jar to show to Ingrid. She's on a bug kick lately. She carried "her" spider around for the rest of the morning. She wanted to bring it to day care, but I convinced her to let it go in the garden, near "her" clay frog, which she carried around all weekend until Chris stuck it in the garden. She then took a good five minutes bidding the spider farewell. Then she asked me to bring her more spiders.

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