21 April 2007

And Then There Were Seven

I have two African Clawed Frogs living in a tank in the computer room. I adore these frogs, Tristan and Isolde. They're fun to watch, they make a pleasant sound, they're easy to take care of. Yes, they're male and female. How do I know? It's pretty easy to tell, plus I had a tank full of tadpoles about two weeks after I got them, plus they enjoy each other's company--a lot.

So I have two sexually active African Clawed Frogs living in a tank in the computer room. One of these days I'm going to get a large tank in the hopes that I can put fish in the tank that would be large enough not to get eaten by T. and I. I buy guppies every once in a while, but they only last a few minutes. On Thursday I bought 12 ghost shrimp, which are wicked cool little things. It's Saturday night and I count 7. I had 8 from Thursday night until about 10 minutes before I started writing this. Not bad. The shrimp figured out how to avoid the frogs, but one must not have been paying attention. I have several females. I can tell because their exoskeletons are see-through (sometimes they're called glass shrimp), and half of them have bellies full of green eggs.

They eat debris and algae, so they would make a nice addition to the tank if they survive. If not, I'll just get more. They're $1.49 for six at the local pet shop. I think they're worth $2.48 a month. I got a little cheesy neon pagoda for them to hide in and lay their eggs. I'm hoping they'll do that before the frogs get them. T. and I. will probably eat the eggs or the babies, too. They ate their own tadpoles.

It looks like my planaria problem is gone, too.

Glass Shrimp in the wild (where I got the picture)
Glass Shrimp as pets

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Parthenia said...

I counted 4 today. Yesterday there were still 7. T and I must have had a party with shrimp cocktails.