10 April 2007

Bottoms Up

I didn't get the job. They promoted the Administrative Assistant. Which just goes to show that it would have been a great place to work. I'm totally bummed.

And we're giving Jeddy back to the rescue organization we got him from. He's an awesome dog, but he's not a house dog. He's becoming more and more territorial in the house, and things came to a head when he bit Meg on the leg. When he's outside, walking in the woods, he's a great dog. In the house he marks his territory on the kitchen floor and goes crazy when people come to the door, even when he knows them. I'm totally bummed (but looking forward to getting my house back.)

A shot of Tennessee's finest whiskey would be nice right now. Or a little Southern Comfort. Wild Turkey, maybe. Alas.

1 comment:

joshua said...

I'm so sad that you didn't get that job. I hope you get to work at Hampshire, though! We could have big hangouts!

(or at least small ones...)