01 May 2007

The Camel's Back Is Already Broken

I wish I could say, "This is the last straw." The last straw happened months ago. This is an Appendix Straw, a Straw Addendum, if you will.

My body is fighting something. I have a migraine with a sour stomach. I feel like crap. I went to Whole Foods Market before I had to pick Ingrid up, and got stuck being sick in the bathroom. It's not fun being sick in a public bathroom. I need to take it easy, which is what I intended to do today. I didn't think it was going to be very busy at work, so I called in so I could nurse my migraine and angry stomach without taking drugs.
The phone rang at 9 am. I didn't answer it. The phone was downstairs, I was upstairs. At 10 am I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast and tea. I checked the message. It was my boss. "Is there anyway you can come in? We're really swamped here..." She said. I waited 20 minutes and called her back. I told her I'd be in after I showered and got dressed. I took my sweet time.

When I got to work, the hot flaming work my boss lead me to believe had engulfed the office amounted to a small candle flame. She basically called me to come to work so that I could open the mail, print out three letters on letterhead, address the envelopes, add the same header on six documents and email the documents. My boss left at 1:15 to go to exercize class.

I don't think I can comment on this any more. It's ridiculousness is apparent. I should not have called her back. It goes without saying that I really hate my job.

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joshua said...

Dear Boss,

If you can find your ass with both hands, please fuck yourself in it.