25 January 2007

Warning: Pure Fluff Post

This post offers no intellectual insight, no deep thoughts, nothing. Not that I ever promised any of that in my blog in the first place. This post returns my blog to its roots of fluff and shit talk.

Sigh. There's a comic book waiting for me at home. I started reading it at the CVS while waiting for a prescription, but they were quicker than I had expected and I had to leave. When I got home, life took over and I never got to finish it. I've been waiting two months for the second issue of Samurai: Heaven and Earth to come out. I finally get it, and now I have to wait some more. I did get to see that Shiro has a big koi tattoo on his back, and he and Yoshiko got it on in a big wooden tub. Good for them.

This is one of the best drawn comics I've read. Set in the early 18th century, it's about a samurai Shiro and his lady love Yoshiko. Shiro's army is defeated and he is the only survivor. Yoshiko is taken as a spoil of war, Shiro travels all over the world to find her. There's swords, swashbuckling, pirates, Samurai, blood, gore, romance, people in cool garb, handsome samurai with big tattoos: pure fantasy fun. It's a little predictable, damsel in distress type stuff (Yoshiko gets sold to one brutish bastard after another. I'm hoping she'll kill one of them eventually and go find Shiro for a change). But that's okay, because the artwork is just so awesome. This story begs for a happy ending, and we could all use a happy ending from time to time. And the hero is very well drawn.

I'm hot for a comic book character. Sigh.

My first post about S: H&E.
IGN review.
My sentiments exactly, although I don't think the author emphasized the hotness of Shiro quite enough.
Another Reviewer liked the story more than I did. Still it's all abou the art.

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