04 January 2007

Furthermore, pleasant as you are, you totally and utterly suck!

Yesterday the universe dealt me nice big smack in the face. No need to get into the particulars, because there are so many. But here's the abridged version.

I was scheduled to have my yearly performance review at 2 pm. At 9 am, my boss hands me a pile of work that needed to be completed before I left for the day. At 9:30 am she hands me this form I'm supposed to fill out for my review. It was the kind of form that really deserves several hours of thoughtful contemplation. So between doing all the work she slammed on my desk, the office meeting, the constant interruptions, and the lunch I never got to eat, I devoted all of 25 minutes to my self appraisal, and I never quite finished it. Plus I left half an hour later than I should have, had to race over to pick up Ingrid, and proceed to the potential bright spots of my day.

It was also the day the bookkeeper comes in, and she had a thousand questions for me, and interrupted me basically ever 20 minutes with a question whose answer needed written 0documentation.

The performance review was the absolutely worst review I've ever received, and since I had no time to prepare, I had little proof that I'm actually a thoughtful and hard-working employee, despite my flaws. It was really bad, much of it was just wrong, inaccurate and completely unfair. And I can take criticism. I really had to hold back the tears and suck it up. I've never had a bad review. Ever. Not ever. When I brought up my good qualities, my boss wholeheartedly agreed with me, but since it wasn't in writing, my entire review on paper just sucked.

And then the migraine came without warning. Three hours later, when I was home, I downed 1000mg of acetaminophen and drank some tea. That made me slightly less cranky and a bit less in pain.

I managed to finish the project, more or less. It was finished to my boss' satisfaction. I picked up Ingrid and went home. So here's where it gets better. Meg and Vincent dropped their kids off so they could go talk to people about buying the house across the street from me. And their meeting went well. Oh how I would love for them to be my neighbors!

So I started cooking dinner. Pork sirloin, peas and rice. A simple, but tasty meal. And since I hadn't eaten dinner or breakfast, I was really looking forward to eating with my family. But they (Primo and Bea) didn't show up until 7 pm, and had already eaten, because they had gone shopping! I won't even go there.

After dinner, Ingrid took all her clothes off and peed on the couch and the floor.

Primo went on at length at how I should write a rebuttal to my review. I really needed him to say, "yes, that sucks, dear. Keep bitching until you get it all out." He did tell me I was hotter than Diana Ross and Donna Summer and the pretty woman he checked out at the bookstore. That was nice, I guess.

I got Ingrid to sleep, packed up my new green teapot, and walked around the corner to Meg and Vincent's house for our weekly game night. Things got better after that. Joshua, Emily, and Vincent, and I went for a walk (Jeddy, too) after playing Carcassonne and Pirate Rummy (Meg played, too, but didn't go on the walk), and Joshua bought me two donuts, and I got a nice pity party and group hug at the Dunkin' Donuts. That's where I remembered the two parking tickets I got that day. Lovely.

I'm looking for a new job. Thank God for my friends and husband.

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