01 January 2007

The Attic is Still a Scary Place

So we finished our Sorcerer game. Shizuka and Tai reconciled. She discovered that Tai had not killed one of their kids, and he (Taiichi) was living in the attic. This made her happy. When she and Tai re-binded she suggested that they send Taiichi to live with her mother in Kyoto. Tai had reservations, fearing mom might not be pleased, but Shizuka reminded him that Taiichi was mom's grandson. And grandchildren are all mom wanted. I think everyone lived happily ever after--at least in Shizuka's story. Meg started a hilarious journal from Harriet's POV at The Forge. Hopefully Joshua and Emily will give their reports, too. Me, too.

So why is the attic still a scary place? Because every time I go up there I end up bringing more stuff down than I intended. I was just looking for a couple of books. I came down with many more than a couple--more like 25. There were the rare fragile books that needed to be kept elsewhere, the books that I will need to work on my game, the books on Japanese tattooing I'll need to finish designing the tattoo on my arm, the game books, the books I've already read, but like to have around, the graphic novel I'd started reading before we bought our house and misplaced (Blade of the Immortal, book 2 I think), a book I thought Joshua would be interested in reading, and Bea's Waldorf doll, Millie Cookie. I was really just looking for my Japanese tattooing books. Now that the half sleeve is well underway again, it's time to plan ahead to making it a 3/4 sleeve, which I'd like to have done in the next two years. I needed some inspiration, although I know what I'd like to have done.

We have many many boxes of books that we have yet to unpack. I cannot bring myself to get rid of a book, but I know the time will come where I'll have to do it, otherwise we'll never be able to finish the attic. We need to get rid some stuff. Anyway, last night I had an interesting dream where I was looking for the two Japanese tattooing books, but all I could find was Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. Guess where I found the books in question: in the same box as that Judy Blume book! I had other dreams last night that were weird, if not a little geeky. I dreamed of a recipe for a mojo bag I'd been thinking of putting together but have not been able to figure out what I needed, and I also dreamed that there was a strange, but friendly being who lived in the walls of our house and wore a black mask, who knew my "true nature as the one who gives the marks." I had a little too much to drink last night, I think.

I think I also have a kidney infection again. I had one this summer, and was totally miserable. I don't even remember getting the initial UTI. Everyone in my house has had a cold with a nasty gooey nose and a sore throat, except me. I get a kidney infection. Life is unfair.

Happy New Year. Gotta go cook some black eyed peas, or my mom will have my head on a frying pan, or we'll have bad luck, or both.

Other cool Noh Masks!

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