27 December 2006

He's a Cutie, Isn't He?

Here is a photo of my handsome and princely husband, taken about 5 years ago. I will keep it here for just a short time, since he doesn't want photos of him here (he's in cognito here, so I doubt you'd recognize him from this photo if you saw him on the street.) [EDIT: I tweaked it so it will stay up a little longer, until Primo asks me to remove it.] He emailed this to me with the message "Did I ever mention that you can't compete with my snood style?". Snood style is an inside joke that I can't even begin to explain. There are a couple of styles in addition to snood style. But this is snood style, because he's wearing a snood on his head (duh...). "Bean style" is another style, but you don't wear it. Snood style has nothing to do with sex, as inside jokes between couples often do, although depending on the context, "bean style" sometimes does. It's probably not what you think.

Clearly Primo is a bored today as I am. He also sent me this link of bad album cover art, which I think I emailed him several years ago when I was bored at work. #62, Demons Crying "Amazing recordings of demons speaking through people who are possessed by them", and #72, Karatist Preacher, are my favorites.

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