18 December 2006

Could it be a Sign?

Ever since I wrote the blog entry about being Christian and Churchless, and admitted to myself that I've pretty much withdrawn from church at least for the year, thoughts of church, my daughters and their religious experiences (and lack thereof), and being a questioning Christian have been weighing on me. I must have been thinking pretty loudly, almost as if I was, um, praying about it.

Every afternoon when I go into the back door of the Y, Judy greets me and asks me to show her my pants or skirts. I have a thing for long patchwork corduroy skirts and pants, tall lace up (aka granny style) boots, button down shirts, and wool sweaters. That's my winter wardrobe in a nutshell. Some people mistake it for being fashionable. In reality, I like to buy handmade and second hand clothes, and I've found a style that suits my frame, keeps me warm, and is modest without being frumpy. To make things easy for myself, I just wear variations on a theme: Long skirt (ankle length) or wide leg pants, button down shirt, lace up boots (or my Keens), sweater. Granted, the pants and skirts are all handmade and one of a kind, but they're still just Parthenia's uniform. I appreciate the compliments, though. How funny to think my hippie duds might one day inspire one of the great couture houses.

Okay this post isn't about clothes. Back on track! I asked Judy if she also worked at the Second Congregational church because there's an administrator named Judy whom I've talked on the phone to on several occasions. "No," she said. "I'm a Quaker."
"Oh." I said, "My husband grew up a Quaker."
"Really? What meeting?"
Etc., chat, chat, blah, blah.
So Judy invited me to the First Day of the month meeting at her house in Northfield. She said Primo was welcome to come, too. I laughed. I think the Devil himself would have to chase Primo into any sort of religious gathering, even a Quaker meeting. I didn't say that.
I feel like I'm being nudged over to the Quakers again, even after I thought they were a little cold. Here's this nice Quaker lady inviting me to her home for worship. I'm there. She also gave me the inside scoop on the First Day School at the Mount Toby Friends Meeting (which is where she normally goes, but opens her home in Northfield for those who live north of Leverett and want to save on gas). It's fun, well organized, and the kids actually learn about the Bible within a Quaker context.

I think I might try the silent worship again. A sign? Don't know. A tap on the shoulder? Yeah, probably.

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