20 December 2006

Bluffing Games and Horror Movies

I've never played poker, but I love bluffing games. I was at Greenfield Games yesterday looking for Christmas presents, and came across a game called The Werewolves of Millers Hollow. It looked fun, the cards are beautiful, so I decided I'd get it for someone, with no one in mind. Well the owner of GG raved about the game. He said when he played it, it brought an experienced gamer to tears. Well, that sold little old sadistic me. I decided to get it for moi, from Father Christmas, and since it needs at least 8 players (plus a GM), we'll play it at Christmas. It will make for a fine evening of comfort and joy, goose and ham, accusations of being a werewolf, lynching accused werewolves. A Christmas to remember.

I like scary games. Scary scenarios in RPG's don't give me nightmares. I don't like scary movies. They almost always give me nightmares. The last horror movie I saw in the theatre was The Grudge, and I was the one who suggested it, because it had Sarah Michelle Gellar, and it was set in Japan (I knew better than to see The Ring or Ringu). What a dumb idea. I've been able to sit through some horror movies, but I can't really do scary movies where the monster is the house, attacks in the house, or lives in the attic. I went with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and Primo. I kept my eyes covered for most of the movie, and all three of them made fun of me.

Primo loves horror and slasher movies. Last night he watched Hostel, and tried to seduce me into watching it with him. ("Let's spend some time together, honey....", "It won't be that bad....", "It's just a movie....", "I don't think the scary things happen in the house....") I lasted half an hour. I also can't handle slasher movies with homicidal crazy folk or demon-ish folk who like to cut people into little pieces or perform "surgery" on them. Ingrid woke up, and I went upstairs. I've never been happier to hear her cry. Screw "together time", dear. I can't even say never again, because I know I'll get suckered into another blood fest rental. Someone like Sean Bean will be in it, or Primo will pull the "snuggle with me on the couch" routine, or I'll get a recommendation from someone who swears "it's not that scary" or "it's more like a thriller".

Never say never. There are some horror/slasher movies I sort of liked, and would see again:
Opera. Totally freaked me out. On second thought, maybe I won't see this again.
The original Psycho. I guess it's more of a thriller. I really enjoyed this movie.
The Shining. Scary, with ghosts, in a house (sort of), and I still liked it.
The Dark, because Primo bears a striking resemblance to Boromir in Peter Jackson's version of LOTR, and I could just watch Sean Bean slice tomatoes or clean fish all day long. But it totally scared me and gave me nightmares. Even still, ghosts in a house, scary possibly evil children, and a crazy man trepanning his own daughter couldn't keep me away. It also had a fairy tale quality to it, which made it bearable.
Kwaidan is one of my all time favorite movies. It's just beautiful, and not gratutiously violent.

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