02 April 2008

What are you looking at?

He who won't speak to me, but spends an astounding amount of time reading my blog? It's a little stalkish. I feel hainted.

Yeah, I've been looking at my visitor stats lately. I still don't get all the people who come here looking for "naked sauna" entries.

At this blog, I mostly talk about my kids, my hair, role playing games, both playing and designing (Steal Away Jordan, Murder Ballad Blackjack, M'Alice, and now Tales of the Fisherman's Wife), tattoos, Japan, food, creepy dolls, murder ballads, and autoharps. I haven't been in a sauna in months, although I really miss it.

The internet is not a reasonable facsimile of me. It's more like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. But if you must know some minutia of my life, Meg trimmed my hair the other day, so now it doesn't fall in the toilet and I don't sit on it any more. It looks much neater.

I strongly encourage people to leave non-spammy comments. If you stop by, sign the guest book!

Parthenia, aka The Pirate Queen


toxiferous said...

I didn't come here looking for anything remotely related to a "naked sauna" entry but I do like your blog!

Parthenia said...

Well, yay! There's one post here about being naked in a sauna, but it brings the googlers in by droves.

Thanks for stopping by!

Spring said...

I'm here mostly for the game talk. I played Steal Away Jordan at Dreamation and later heard your interview with Rob Bohl. All very cool stuff.

So that's me - a reader in Philadelphia. :)

Parthenia said...

You played the time traveler, whose time traveling story we got to tell.

Your dog is cute! Our first baby was a rottie.

Thanks for visiting!