30 April 2008

I Am Made of Win!

I entered a raffle contest from my favorite local radio station last week. From the title of this post you can guess what happened. I won something! Something kinda big and wicked cool. Actually I won a couple of things: organic cotton bedding, a wool comforter, and best of all, a Raleigh hybrid comfort bike.

Two years ago I won 4 tickets to the Vermont Renaissance Festival from the same radio station. That time I had to guess the current event correlation between three songs. They all somehow related to George W. Bush taking the prime minister of Japan to Graceland. That was a natural for me. I'm from Memphis, I was an exchange student in Japan, and, um, when I lived in Memphis, George Herbert Walker Bush came to my high school and I got to ask him a question. Okay, so the latter was a stretch there.

Basically, I won 4 tickets (a $40 value) for keeping up with current events. This time around, I won some things (I'm guessing close to an $800 value) for knowing my name, phone number, having an email address, and knowing what town I live in. Quite simply, I am made of win.

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