22 July 2007

There's a Game in There Somewhere

I have this book on Nine Star Ki called The Ki: An Ancient Oracle for Modern Times. There are all these diagrams and worksheets to help you figure your Basic (aka Personal), Control (aka Character), and Tendency (aka Energetic) Numbers. Said worksheets remind me of character sheets! And the wheels start churning. Nine numbers, ten-sided dice (roll a 10, roll again). Flipping through the book, I just noticed there are actually "game sheets" where you figure out your relationship with other players--I mean relations, like family members, co-workers, lovers.

I've also been thinking about a game where time and characters shift in all directions according to the roll of the dice. Characters shift from player to player, time moves forward, backward, up and down. The whole premise is that there are endless points of view in one experience. After GenCon, I'll try to figure out a way to put Nine Star Ki and time and character shifting together to make another game.

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