20 July 2007

I Brake for Living Things... Part 2

Salvador (aka "Sal) ca. 2004-July 19, 2007

Not even two weeks ago, James was hit by a car. Yesterday Sal cashed in his ninth life.

I had a really creepy dream last night where our late dog Kaya came into our bedroom and started licking Chris' and my faces. At first I was happy to see her and then I realized that she was there to take Sal. The details are sketchy now, but for some reason I cupped her face in my hands and it turned into this bloody fleshy mass that wouldn't go away. Yeah, it kinda looked like a placenta! I couldn't get it out of my hands. As the dream turned nightmare I did my "this is a dream and I can change what I want in it" trick. It didn't work. I got the lump of flesh off my hands, but couldn't make it go away. I woke up in a panic.

Kaya is truly living up to her role as a spiritual midwife through both death and life.

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