10 July 2007

Coming soon from Stone Baby Games...

This is my draft cover for Steal Away Jordan. If Jupiter aligns with Mars then I should be totally done typing it all up by the end of next week and will commence with layout design. Jupiter probably won't align with Mars, and I'll be typing and doing layout design at the same time.

At some point there will also be a website, so bookmark Stone Baby Games now. Well, not now now, but soon now. There's nothing there yet. But there will be. Soon.

My mom left for Ghana yesterday (I didn't know she was going!!). She's going to bring me lots of fabric so I can play around with my new (to me) sewing machine. Speaking of fabric, Meg is doing this really cool thing for hardcover Dogs in the Vineyard books (and she used one of my character's dog coat--Sister Polly for a cover!)


Seth said...

Crystal and I are doing the "writing and layout at the same time" thing right now for Dirty Secrets. If you can avoid it, do so. Believe me!

And that's a good cover, too.

I'm looking forward to finally meeting up at GenCon!

Parthenia said...

Thanks! I can't wait to meet you guys, too!