26 October 2006

Must Be the Season of the Living Dead Doll

Halloween preview!!
Let's get in touch with our darkness, shall we?
Here is my beautiful daughter Bea as Inferno.
And here's Ingrid as a duck. Ducks can be very dark, especially if you're 21 months old.
Round here, the ladies of the house take Halloween very seriously. I am possibly more excited about Bea's costume than she is.
I'm going to be a highwaywoman. (photo to come on Halloween)


Meguey said...

Awesome costume! Where'd you find the perfect wig!?!

Parthenia said...

Thanks! I ended up hand sewing the flames to the waist of her dress, but left it loose enough to pull out after Halloween.I found the wig at good Ole' JoAnn's Fabrics in the mall. They have a pretty good costume section (premade and DIY). They were well stocked and on sale--40% off!!--at the beginning of the month. I have tons of fabric left over, which will make fun scarves for Ingrid.
This was just a dress rehearsal. Bea also has nail polish and fake eyelashes for Halloween, and she wants to get small clip-on horns and smaller wings with her allowance.