19 October 2006

Parthenia's Freaky Tattoo Thing

Anyone reading this is going to think I'm a freak. But, I don't think many people other than my friends read this, so I'm going to let my freak flag fly.

In December I'm going to have my 1/2 sleeve tattoo worked on, hopefully to completion, or very near that. I'm always thinking of what I would like next. I have mostly committeed to a Japanese-inspired style, sort of a cross between Horimono and manga. I have a few things I would like to cover up, and I'm a tall woman, so I like to think big. And maybe a little freaky. For my next piece, I would like a full back piece of Hokusai's Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

Now, when I think of getting tattoos, I don't really delve into the deep personal meaning of tattoos. I like dragons and Japanese style art (for tattoos), and I like this style and the dragon, because in my heart of hearts (and not so much in my wallet of wallets), I would like to be almost totally tattooed, full sleeves, half legs, full back (can't bring myself to tattoo the front of me while I'm still bearing, birthing, and breastfeeding babies. If I had to put a "meaning" on my tattoo choices, I guess it would have to be this: I was an exchange student in Japan when I was in high school, and the experience definitely changed my outlook on life, but I am not a fisherman's wife, I don't really have a thing for the ocean (totally earthbound), or octopi, and I definitely don't think about having, um, conjugal relations with octopi, or any other invertebrate or non-primate vertebrate, for that matter. For me, it's all about Japan, Japanese art, and a striking image that I have been strangely drawn to for years. Deep, huh? Well beauty is only skin deep, and apparently so is my inspiration for tattoo art. I'm deep in other areas, I guess.

I asked my husband what would he think if his wife had this tattoo, and what he thought about my wanting this tattoo. Here is his reply:
"I don't know... it's kinda hot.... It would look good."
In his second email he expounded a bit and gave feedback about where he thought I should get the tattoo. I'll keep this blog clean and let you let your imagination go where it wants.

We're going to start playing Sorcerer, and I have created a character who has this tattoo (among others that are violent and erotic, including a headless mermaid), is Japanese, and is an ethnobotanist and professor. I added other creepy things about her, too, but this image probably says more about my latest rpg character than about me. So what does my rpg character (or characters) say about me? I'll have to leave that to the long anticipated essay on roleplaying like a girl, cuz I have determined that I totally roleplay like a girl, and I love it.

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