23 October 2006

Getting a little less freaky

Ever notice when you really start thinking about a thing, that you realize that it's been with you all the time? No? Well, that's okay, too. This entry does contain the word "freaky" in it, so maybe I'm alone in this.

I never thought I had a thing about octopuses. I like cats, bears, dogs, wolves, sheep, chickens figure prominently in my life, dragons, etc. But not octopuses really. At least I didn't think so. And then I started pondering the whole freaky octopus sex tattoo. I've toned down the idea so that the woman isn't included in the image. I just want a Japanese style octopus tattoo. I've never thought to tattoo cats, cows, dogs, wolves, or sheep on my body, so why octopuses? Stylistically, they lend themselves well to a moving body. There are many Japanese style images of octopuses.
And here's a few places where they have been popping up in my life:
One of my favorite hair toys in a cheap-o clip I got from CVS, called an Octopus Clip
Tako is one of my favorite sushi. I like ika (squid), too. (For some reason, whenever I like something I want to eat it at least once. What better way to get to know something is to know what it tastes like?)
And there's the whole thing about giant octopuses, and the mythical, mysterious Giant squid and Colossal Octopus. Then again, things that are really big or really small are interesting.

There were others, but I can't remember them. I'm not about to start an octopus fan club, but I'm not adverse to becoming an advocate for an octopus positive world.

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