01 March 2003

Tomorrow we celebreate the Ram's birthday. Since he's a leap year baby, he techinically doesn't get a birthday, but we'll let it slide. I made a red velvet cake with pink strawberry frosting, and decorated it with cute candy bugs, spaceships, stars, and planets. I did it in a Bundt cake pan, and I'm going to put fresh strawberries in the hole. I added twice as much butter as I was supposed to, so it should be an interesting cake. I got him a gift certificate for a one hour massage/reiki from Towner. It should go well with the money for lift tickets he's been getting. After he comes home from snowboarding he's all banged up. He took the day off and went up to Okemo today and came back with a nasty hemotoma under his big toenail.
I saw a birth yesterday!!! WoW. It was so beautiful! I got to give my first injecton to a newborn (Vitamin K) I was so nervous I went over every single minute detail with the nurse. He didn't even cry. Anyway so back to the birth. I saw the whole thing. She had no epidural or episiotomy, came in at about 8:15 and the baby was born around 8:46 or 8:53. I didn't realize how much blood there was. And I did not expect to be mesmerized by the placenta. That was so cool!!! It is definitely the kind of nursing I want to do.
Over Spring Break (I'm taking the whole week off to refresh) I think I'm going to get my tattoo finished--and I'm going to make my blast horn and gemshorn. And knit my Human Growth and Development "collage"--a knitted Parthenia. The theme of the collage has to be about what calms, centers us, or something like that. A whole week of crafting. I can't wait!

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