04 March 2003

Governor Romney's FY2004 Budget Recommendations
"Common Sense for the Commonwealth" my ass! Hey Gov. Romney! If you cut CPC from the state budget, will you provide child care for me while I finish school? I get $40 per week in CPC grant money for Lucky Lamb's day care. $40/week may be a drop in the bucket for you, maybe how much you pay in hairspray per week. But I don't use hairspray, and I don't have cable, I don't drive a fancy car. $40/week is $160-200/month. That's more than my car note. With CPC money, I still pay $440-$550/month in child care. That's more than my rent. Do you see where I'm coming from, Gov. Romney? CPC is the only state assistance our little family qualifies for. We're struggling as it is. I know that's hard to see all the way out east on Beacon Hill, in your fancy mansion. Come on out to Western Mass and see how your country mice cousins live. CPC funds our city preschools, and Lucky Little Lamb will be 4 in May, so we need those preschools, or else you're gonna have to move your HQ out here while you care for all those kids you plan to put out on the street.

Okay. Now Little Lamb likes yogurt, so be sure to have lots of it on hand. She still takes naps, generally without a lovey. She loves to paint, she likes animals, she's very curious, and she's not a biter or a hitter. I know you can do it, Gov'nah. Obviously you want a career in early childhood education, or else you wouldn't take out early childhood education money from the budget. Surely they have early childhood education in your home state of Utah. Oh yeah, you're technically a Massachusetts resident. I forgot. I think you forgot, too.


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