08 March 2003

Hey, Big Brother John Ashcroft, when all is said and done, will we be allowed to shit without government scrutiny?
I keep telling myself that Satan and his minions time in office will be fast and fleeting. All of this is a bad dream. But every morning when I wake up, The Devil still occupies the White House. Not all of the stress in my life is from nursing school, work, family life. Sometimes listening to the news makes my stomach ache.
Ram and I have decided to buy some land and pay on it until financially ready to begin building our dome/earthship dream house. We want a house that is as self sufficient and energy efficient as possible. I'm pushing for the composting toilet. I have always loved composting toilets. I have Lucky Ram just about convinced. Why shit in clean water only to have to disinfect the water? Turn your poop into fertilizer and give back to the earth. And John Ashcroft comes to wield power over our gastro-intestinal systems, we can push him into the toilet (literally if it's nothing but a hole in the ground) and compost him.

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