28 March 2003

Can you imagine this in buckskin? I can. I think this will be on my summer craft agenda. Along with gemshorns. Jeremy and I started making blasthorns last week. It will be a long time before mine looks like the freakin' Horn of Gondor but it works. So it doesn't alert the Fellowship (Parthenia blows the Horn of Greenfield to get help fending off the orcish OB nursing instructor!), but it makes a nice loud noise....Other projects of late: a class assignment in Human Growth Development--a collage of what "centers us". I'm knitting and sewing a Parthenia voodoo doll, with embroidered tattoos and face, a goldwork necklace with a Khamsa pendant, a crazy quilt dress, muslin chemise (maybe even in Italian Renaissance garb) and either a turban (for the Italian Ren garb) or a knitted tam to cover the felted (or yarn) dreads.....A Renaissance necklace with carnelian beads and a cool silver pendant with a removable sugilite marble. No sugilite isn't period, but it looked pretty cool.....Took out the 1975 Singer Zig Zag sewing machine, cleaned it up, replaced the belt and decided that yes, Parthenia, you can learn to use this thing. This summer....I might have photos of this sometime soon, but I can't promise anything....
The gemshorn project has been shelved til this summer. Drilling horn is very dusty and the dust smells nasty even through the mask. Like burning toenails. But it was soooo fun!

I went to my first SCA event in my Ren dress. I had a blast, but the food did not agree with me. Gav me a bad stomach ache and a migraine, worsened by the heavy turban. I got to satisfy my crafting compulsion over Spring reak, but was not as productive as I'd hoped. Had a little bout with gastroenteritis. Felt like crap for half my vacation. But I did get to sleep, rest, and hang out with Lucky Little Lamb a lot. That made us both happy.

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