11 October 2006

Steal Away Jordan

I write this with a sleeping Ingrid on my lap. I will be play-testing a game I'm working on tentatively called "Steal Away Jordan" at JiffyCon November. Here's the intro that I actually typed up. Most of the game rules are written, but they're handwritten in my cutie-pie kitten composition notebook. [I work upstairs from an office supply store.] Anyway, the blurb:

Welcome to New Orleans and outskirts of southern Louisiana, ca. 1825. Slave quarters of a large plantation or a city mansion. Or maybe you’re in Memphis, Tennessee, where cotton is king, and the Mississippi River brings commerce and yellow fever. Or maybe you’re on a tobacco plantation in the Carolinas. Wherever you are, it’s at least 40 years before Juneteeth and you're a slave. Maybe you were born on American soil, maybe you managed to survive the trip from your home in West Africa. Wherever you came from, you dream of escape, of going home, of seeing your family again, of uprising, or just waking to another day...

This game will have themes of murder, slave rebellions, brutality, violence, curses (of the conjure kind), and sex.
There you go. Hope you'll help a sista out with her game and come and play.

Update! Playtest available!


Anonymous said...

Hey, girlfriend! That playtest was really fun. I'm looking forward to helping however you need to get this game out there.

Anonymous said...

I just read the blurb all the way through, instead of just fan-girling your blog - I got shivers! This is going to rock on toast. I totally expect Mistingette to show up somewhere in the text.

Parthenia said...

Yippee! Someone responded to my blog!

Meg, thank you so much for your kind words and vibrant support!!! It makes me more motivated and happy to be putting pen to paper this way.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm very curious too and would love to read the game and maybe playtest.

Parthenia said...

You can download a draft to playtest here
And read about other playtests and other SAJ related stuff here

Thanks for your interest!