04 February 2008

A Very Merry Black History Month To You!

or, blah blah Black History Month.

Dude, every month is Black History Month for some of us. I was going to run a special at Stone Baby Games to celebrate the shortest month of the year, but I changed my mind. That said, you can purchase and download a pdf of the snazzy new revised Steal Away Jordan at IPR.

Instead, in celebration of the time when Black History gets a fighting chance to be considered American History, as opposed to something unique and largely unimportant to any other American, I bring you Black Hyperlinks! (which come in all different colors!)

On Friday I stuck a Barack Obama sign in our front yard. That same morning I woke up and I was an African American, just like the day before and the day before that.

Here's something you might not know about me (unless you're my mom, the Director of the African American Studies Department at University of Memphis): I was Harold Ford, Jr.'s escort to his beautillion in Memphis.

Chris and I just watched Prince Among Slaves. I really enjoyed this, so much so that I want to read the book. I was doubly pleased with the realization that one could tell this story using Steal Away Jordan! Yay, me! (A Black Woman in February!)

There's an awesome conversation about one of the Steal Away Jordan sessions I ran at Dreamation over at Story Games.

Best of all, and most significantly for me, Black History Month is the same month Ingrid joined the world, a decendent of both Americans, Africans, and Vikings.

So there you go, now go out and celebrate!

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