09 February 2008

Jar of Magic

We're on a decluttering campaign. In a box of knick knacks I found a jar labeled "Magic". Inside, here is what I found.

My long ponytail from the last time I cut my hair, pre-dreadlocks.
A lock of Chris' hair.
A lock of my hair, pre-dreadlocks.
A vial of my blood (dried).
The blood soaked (dried) bandage that covered the most painful tattoo I ever got.
A ring from an ex-boyfriend, silver and shaped like a fish skeleton, given to me on my 22nd birthday, the day before I went down to New Orleans.
An envelope with my wisdom teeth.
A funny button, much like the ones that Ingrid loves.
Another ring I bought myself, ceramic with a girl's face painted on it.
A torn movie ticket. I don't know what movie it was, or whom I went with.
Sage leaves scattered throughout.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to unpack this. It seems fitting to get rid of the fish ring, but I'm going to leave the rest of me in the jar. These personal concerns aren't me anymore, but I feel the need to dispose of them with care and love, because the me who packed them would have wanted it that way.

Then, of course, I'll have to refill the jar. Probably with the personal concerns I keep in my box of magic. These items include:
The ends of one of my dreadlocks.
Bea's baby teeth.
A lock of Ingrid's hair.
A lock of my hair.
Something that Chris gave me.

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