17 October 2007

The Awesome Thing I Can't Yet Tell

Is going to drive me nuts until all is confirmed. Once confirmed, I'll announce it in full at Stone Baby Games, because it has something to do with Steal Away Jordan. So without spilling the beans prematurely, I'm going to talk around the issue:

Back when I was looking at colleges, my grandmother really pushed for me to go to an historically Black women's college in Atlanta. But I didn't want to. I didn't want to live in the Dirty South anymore. I opted for a women's college in Massachusetts.

My grandmother would be proud. I've been invited to speak at that college, as part of a 2 day event on black women and the moving image, and I have the chance to talk about this project that I worked on for the past year in a different circle.

I am just blown away that someone might want to hear me talk about my project. I'm honored, excited, and feeling a little validated. It's not just because someone saw what I did and liked it enough to invite me to an event (and I think they're going to pay me!). There are very few people from my cultural/ethnic community engaging in the creative endeavor that I engage in (rpg design). The thing I did is very much about the strength and struggles of my cultural/ethnic community. Lately I've been doubting myself and the thing I did, but this invitation that I can't yet disclose reassures me that I did do something pretty damn cool, that's less controversial and easier to "get" for some folks because they are working with a similar subject matter (strengths and struggles of my ethnic/cultural community).

Is that vague enough? I think I even lost myself.
**See the update in Comments!**

The picture is of Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman pilot.


Parthenia said...

And if that's not enough, I have another awesome thing I can't talk about just yet, but here's a little bit about it: Someone from a museum asked inquired about putting some form of SAJ in a gallery!

joshua said...

It's all very exciting.

Parthenia said...

So the museum thing. A program director at the California African American Museum contacted me about putting Steal Away Jordan in an interactive galley for an upcoming exhibit on the journey of African slaves to the US to California. But she thought SAJ was a computer game.

On the upside, she asked if she could include SAJ with a link to the website in the resource guide for the exhibit.

I think it's still an awesome thing, and being in the resource guide makes me quite happy. Chris suggested that I send a copy to see if they might carry it in the gift shop.