08 October 2007

Murder Ballad Blackjack

I've been thinking about this game for months. It finally came to me last night.
It's a short game, the GM is the "Bard". Here's the link to the wiki. Bear with me as I figure out the technology.

Technically you can use any kind of ballad, and long as there are plenty of unanswered questions, contradictions, and conflict. I wouldn't call "Barbara Allen" a murder ballad, but it would work for this game. I'm jonesing to play this with any given version of Tam Lin.


Inspired by Charles Vess' The Book of Ballads, which I read so many times on vacation last year that I almost wore it out; those antique books of English and Spanish folk ballads that I bought on the same vacation; Pentangle; Steeleye Span; Solas; Silly Wizard; Silly Sisters and consequently Maddy Prior and June Tabor; John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee (whom I've seen live twice and are two of my all time favorite shows along with Ravi Shankar); Anne Briggs; my autoharps; Rise Up Singing; Ewan MacColl; murder ballads; Meg's 1001 Nights; my Dog's in the Vineyard character named (Pretty) Polly; the folk tale component of Steal Away Jordan; Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention; bluegrass; and all the other random sources of "Barley Music" I encounter. (Chris calls the folk music I listen to "Barley Music" after "The Wind that Shakes the Barley".)

And, of course, Blackjack!


ecboss said...

Hi Julia,

This looks great! It seems like a good quick game. The multiple people playing the same character--and vying for where the character's story will head, is rich.

The site is great too. That is just what I need to be doing...

Take care! Hope to see you soon.


joshua said...

If only you had friends who liked that hippie shit.

Parthenia said...

I do have friends who like that hippie shit, thank you very much. And I look forward to playtesting it with them. Dressed as Pretty Polly. With a real knife. And a grave dug.