20 October 2007

Mystery Murder Ballad

This afternoon, as I returned from the Y,
I went to the co-op, some dinner for to buy
I espied Farmer Tom, in the Co-op parking lot
And I chanced upon his truck, and we talked for a spot.

He told me about his crop this year at Three Sisters Farm
We talked at length of murder ballads amidst the park'ed cars
He gave me a snippet of a song, and I pass on to readers fair
Now I would like to hear it, but the details of it are bare.

I pass along the hints with the hope a reader might know
The who, what, and wheres and how one might just go
About getting a copy of this haunting murderous tune
For my Murder Ballad Blackjack game, which I want to play again soon.

And here is the snippet. I'm not sure if I have it all correctly. I'm transcribing Tom's writing, and the only thing we found to write with and on was a crayon and an envelope.
The closest thing I've found is "The Cruel Ship's Carpenter" as recorded by Mike Waterson.

"...She said Sailor, O Sailor come spare me my life.
When out of his pocket he drew a sharp knife.
He ripped her and tore her and cut her in three.
Then he laid his poor Mary underneath a green tree....

O green grow the laurels, and red grows the rose
and the raven will follow wherever he goes.
A cloud will hang over his...head
And he will never rest easy
Now that Mary being dead."

Name that tune! Please!

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