01 February 2009

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Almost two years ago, I wrote here about an experience I had at the Y. I mentioned being an unclothed woman sitting amongst other women in a room where such activities are appropriate (at the Y, in the women's locker room). It was one of those typical day-in-the-life observations. According to Sitemeter, I get more hits to that post than any other, and given the keywords that send people to the post, I have a feeling people are looking for some kind titillation. I'll bet they're disappointed, but they keep coming, from all over the world.

For the time being, I'm taking the post down. It probably won't help my site's traffic, but oh well.

I have nothing against people looking for titillating photos of unclothed women. This is just not the blog for that. If you want to read about my rather uneventful life, adventures in role playing game design and other creative endeavors, kombucha, cooking, pets, octopuses, tattoos, midwifery, religion, spouses, and offspring, then welcome! Read on. If you're looking for images of the female body sans clothes, perhaps sitting with other unclothed beauties, there are zillions of other websites out there that offer that kind of fun.

If you're the traveling type, you might consider a vacation to Finland, where the activity I described is very popular.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!


sehÄ said...

Still interested in blood pudding?

Parthenia said...

Ha ha! Speaking of guilty pleasures, yes.